Niagara of the North

We decided early on that if we were doing a quick one night stop somewhere, a motel was the best option for our little tribe.  Setting up and packing up camp is a definite project with two littlies in tow, so we made the rule that unpacking the Vicars village was a two night minimum job.  So after a swift night at a motel in Nipigon, on Uncle Don’s recommendation we hit the road again and made our way to Kakabeka Falls.

We set up camp at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, in a beautiful little spot in the trees.  Set back from the river and the falls, you could still hear the roar of the water, which was pretty darn awesome!  We have found all the Provincial parks on our journey to provide such beautiful camping options, with just the right balance of being in nature, with the benefits of amenities.  As new campers with a young family, it was better for us to use campsites with some facilities.  We usually used unpowered sites, but with access to wash stations, which has been very helpful in keeping little ones warm and clean when spending lots of wonderful time outside.  

We all thoroughly enjoyed exploring the falls at twilight.  There was intermittent heavy rain during our stay, and true its name, the Thunder Bay district provided a backdrop of rolling thunder.  Coupled with the rather heavenly golden light as the clouds rolled by, it made for a stunning and rather dramatic experience of the falls.

While picking up supplies in Nipigon, we got chatting to a guy who was mid way through sailing his boat from Toronto through the Great Lakes to Thunder Bay.   He strongly recommended a visit to Fort William Historical Park.  A huge site offering a comprehensive view of life in the Canadian fur trade, at a time where exploration was a key part of life for many settlers.  With a village of heritage buildings and a farm, a favourite for the boys was watching a recreation of a battle between the North West Company and Hudson Bay Company, the loud bangs from the canons and rifles their favourite part.  They also loved seeing all the animals on the farm, again an experience really bought to life by the actors on site who did a very skilful job of involving the boys in lots of hands on experiences.

After our brief stop at Kakabeka, we got back on the road to embark on a longer hop to our next destination, Kenora, Lake of the Woods.  This would be our last stop in Ontario before we crossed the Provincial border to Manitoba.  Not only did that feel like a bit of a milestone, this part of Northern Ontario is an absolute stunner, so we decided to kick back and enjoy it for the best part of a week, a decision we did not regret!

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